Take off

I used to have a blog.

Several ones to be more accurate. Under my name, another one under my nickname (Label ASH), another one for my photos, one Food Blog for my own revisited recipes (yep, I am a gourmet gourmand). Time consuming? Yes, too much.

I simply ran out of time to keep doing so, even if I thought that 4 hours sleep at night were fair enough. So wrong. So untrue.

And since I did not feel I was doing it for my own pleasure anymore but for the sake of keeping these blogs alive only, I decided to stop. Stop and focus on the real world. On my loved ones, my life, my passions, my job.

And then, all of a sudden, I miss it.

I miss publishing my thoughts, my discoveries as an Internet wanderer. I miss sharing this online.

No matter who will read this, no matter the frequency of my posts, I feel it is time to get back to it.

Time to take off again.

And to post. Every once in a while.

In English, In French, In Spanish. ‘Cause I love words.


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